Saturday, 29 May 2010

FCC Inaction on Free Broadband Proposal Delaying Cook

FCC Inaction on Free Broadband Proposal Delaying Cook

CHICAGO, MAY 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Coalition for Free Broadband Now revealed an
online petition drive allowing Americans to inform President Obama and their
congressmen and senators that inaction by the Federal Communications Commission
(FCC) may prevent American's from having access to free nationwide broadband.
The coalition, led by County Executives of America and M2Z Networks, plans to
use $122 million in broadband stimulus money to provide free wireless broadband
to the residents of Kenosha County, Cook County and Will County as well as 9
other leading counties throughout the US. The plan is contingent upon the FCC
quickly auctioning an unused band of spectrum. The FCC is delaying the auction
until 2011. CTIA, the wireless industry association, whose members include AT&T
and T-Mobile, has come out in opposition to the free wireless broadband plan and
supports the FCC's delaying the auction of the fallow spectrum in order to delay

Coalition partners point to building momentum for the free broadband plan, as
local and national media outlets take notice, including the Milwaukee Journal
Sentinel, the Chicago Tribune and USA Today. Meanwhile, President Obama is in
Chicago this weekend where, according to FCC statistics, over 2.2 million people
cannot afford to access broadband service and would immediately benefit from the
free broadband network. President Obama has made it clear that making sure that
ALL Americans have access to affordable broadband is one of his top domestic
agenda goals.

"While our public private partnership is preparing to build a free broadband
network that addresses the affordability gap in broadband and makes use of the
$4.2 billion in broadband stimulus money to jumpstart the process, the FCC needs
to do its part," said John Muleta, coalition member and CEO of M2Z Networks. "We
are on the verge of achieving President Obama's dream of bridging the digital
divide, but the FCC has delayed authorizing this service until next year. The
agency responsible for the telecommunications seems to lack a sense of urgency
for finding innovative and creative solutions to address the persistent
broadband gap that is hindering our country's global competitiveness and
limiting the potential of minority and low income children who are the least
able to afford broadband."

Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia echoed the need for quick and decisive
action from the FCC when he recently said, "I am going to challenge the FCC to
make the hard choices that will help bring broadband to every corner of this
country. Putting ideas on paper is not enough. Just seeking comment on a slew of
issues is not enough. It's action that counts."

About County Executives of America (

County Executives of America (CEA) is a non-partisan national association that
is dedicated specifically to helping elected county chief executives achieve
their county's social and economic development goals through federal and state
government advocacy at both the legislative and executive branches. CEA has been
in existence for over 40 years and its current membership includes over 700
County Executives, County Judges, Parish and Borough Presidents, City-County
Mayors, Commission Presidents and Chairs, all of whom are elected at-large by
county residents.

Silicon Valley-based M2Z Networks' goal is to boost the U.S. economy by building
a free nationwide broadband network. The FCC has been considering M2Z's for a
free nationwide broadband network since 2006. If approved, the M2Z proposal
would a free broadband service to at least 95 percent of Americans within 10
years. M2Z is backed by Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers; Charles River
Ventures; and Redpoint Ventures. For more information, please visit and

SOURCE Coalition for Free Broadband Now